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Virtual recruiting event DuuniDay will take place on the 26th of January at 10 am! Now is the right time for preparations because you can start booking personal appointments with the company representatives on Friday the 15th of January. If you want to know which companies are specifically interested in students of your own field, take a look at this chart. Check further information in the DuuniDay event at JobTeaser and join in!


News from LTKYAnkkuri

Teekkari cap order, batch 2

The most glorious days to be a freshman approaches when Wappu (first of May) draws closer. Now is the time to order your shining white teekkari cap so it’s ready when the time comes! Teekkari cap on this second batch costs 134 € for students who began their studies at autumn 2020 or spring 2021 and 145€ for older tech students. The bill will come in email at the beginning of March. Deadline for this second round of orders is 4.2.2021. This is the last change to order the teekkari cap for this Wappu 2021! Answers to questions and more information from Virpi Partti at LTKY’s office, by phone 045 261 2670 or by email [email protected].

You can order the cap from here.

NOTE! LUT Highway -students may only order their caps after being admitted in as degree students.



Municipal Elections 2021

LTKY in cooperation with KOE is committed to influencing in 2021 municipal elections and hopes for some activity among the students as well. The elections will bring to students the opportunity to participate in the municipality’s policy long term, because representatives are elected for four years at a time. Students can not only vote, but also run to be a representative, if there is closer interest in affecting policy from inside the municipality council. LTKY will release material and continue influencing during the spring, so it is worth it to follow LTKY information channels, like instagram and facebook. 

More information: Kuntavaalit 2021 Q&A



FSHS changed

January 1st, 2021, the FSHS expanded to cover both university and university of applied sciences students. Because of this, the healthcare fee (also known as FSHS payment) is now payed via Kela. This Autumn you have payed for only the Autumn semester of FSHS fee with the LTKY’s member fee. The fee is 35,8€ per semester and must be payed at latest 31st of January. More information and instructions for paying can be found from

There is no longer additional fees for dental services – instead, they are now covered by the FSHS healthcare fee. The charges for non-cancelled appointments will remain even next year.

There will open a new FSHS service point in Niemenkatu, Lahti! The dental services will remain outsourced for Kymppihammas, but other services you can find in FSHS point starting from the 1st of January.

FSHS has started using national phone services, via which you can book an appointment the same way as before. The phone service will direct you to local FSHS service point, if needed. There is no changes in Self service.

International exchange students, students at open colleges and postgraduate students are not entitled to use FSHS services. For those, healthcare is provided by municipal healthcare (Eksote in Lappeenranta and Päijät-Hämeen hyvinvointiyhtymä in Lahti)

Read more and find answers to your questions from here!


Other news

Take part in survey!

International students of LUT & LAB,
We are doing a survey on the roadmap of international students and your valuable input is needed! Please tell us how you have chosen LUT or LAB as your university, how you have been enjoying you time here as well as what are you plans after graduation. The responses are anonymous and we will draw three(3) S group gift cards (20€) among the responders of the survey. The survey is powered by the South Karelia Asian Knowledge Hub project/ Regional Council of South Karelia. You can find the survey from here.