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New actors were chosen at the Representative Council meeting on December 3rd!

LTKY’s new Executive Director is Arttu Kaukinen, who has graduated from LUT University with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2019. He has also been a member of LTKY’s board and the chairman of the Chemical Engineering Guild. More about the selection can be read from here.

The board of LTKY in the year 2021 is following: the chair is Anniina Pokki, and other board members are Senni Auvinen, Matilda Orpana, Roosa Grönberg, Lassi Onne, Mika Kuittinen and Olivia Kuronen.

In the council meeting the council also selected council’s chairs. The chair of the council for the year 2021 will be Iita Hinkkanen, with vice chair Taika Sipponen and second vice chair Ella Toimela.

Congratulations to all new actors!


Club activities

National Kyykkä League (NKL) registration is open!

Winter is approaching and the National Kyykkä League (NKL) registration for the 2021 season has opened. Gather a team of 6-12 people and come and experience the joy of kyykkä. You can join without any previous experience! Assemble the team and register by 13.12.2020 from the link. More information about NKL can be found on Facebook.


The city of Lappeenranta

QR codes are chased along the lakeside route

Lappeenranta Sports Department has built two functional routes along the lakeside route. Traditional checkpoints have been replaced with QR codes that provide instructions for functional tasks.
The Lappeenranta code hunt has two alternative routes: Huhtiniemi-Sammonlahti and Huhtiniemi-Rakuunamäki, both of which have 10 QR checkpoints.
Tasks can be, for example, squats, push-ups against a tree or bench, climbing stairs, smart nuts, or concentration exercises.
More about checkpoints in Finnish here.

Christmas land creating an atmosphere in the center from December 9th!

Lappeenranta Christmas Market had to be canceled due to the coronavirus situation. However, Christmas Land rises in Marianaukio, which conjures up a Christmas atmosphere in the city center with visual means and elements. Christmas land will be in the city center from Wednesday 9.12. from the end of the year.


FSHS changes

FSHS changes January 1st

Starting from 1st of January 2021, the FSHS will expand to cover both university and university of applied sciences students. Because of this, the healthcare fee (also known as FSHS payment) is now payed via Kela. This Autumn you have payed for only the Autumn semester of FSHS fee with the LTKY’s member fee. The fee is 35,8€ per semester and must be payed at latest 31st of January. More information and instructions for paying can be found from

There is no longer additional fees for dental services – instead, they are now covered by the FSHS healthcare fee. The charges for non-cancelled appointments will remain even next year.

There will open a new FSHS service point in Niemenkatu, Lahti! The dental services will remain outsourced for Kymppihammas, but other services you can find in FSHS point starting from the 1st of January.

FSHS has started using national phone services, via which you can book an appointment the same way as before. The phone service will direct you to local FSHS service point, if needed. There is no changes in Self service.

International exchange students, students at open colleges and postgraduate students are not entitled to use FSHS services. For those, healthcare is provided by municipal healthcare (Eksote in Lappeenranta and Päijät-Hämeen hyvinvointiyhtymä in Lahti)

Read more and find answers to your questions from here!

Higher education students can now pay the healthcare fee to Kela

In 2021, the student healthcare fee in higher education will be EUR 35.80 per term. The fee is paid to Kela once per term, i.e. twice a year. Students are not billed for the fee but are expected to pay it unprompted. The due date for the spring semester is January 31st, but you should pay now!

Read more from here.


Other news

Nyyti ry

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:

thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?