News from LTKY

Office opening hours in Holiday season

LTKY’s office in Lappeenranta is closed from 22 December 2022 to 3 January 2023. In the first week of January the office is open on Wed and Thu 4-5 January from 12:00 to 14:00. On Fri 6 January the office is closed. The office will return to regular opening hours on Mon 9 January. 

New LTKY board

New LTKY board for year 2023 and the council’s chairs were chosen at the meeting of representative council on Thu 1 December. New chair of the board is Lari Vanhala. Members of the board are Robin Karlsson, Erik Kuitunen, Anselmi Auramo, Pinla Nokkanen, Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen and Niilo Hendolin. 

At the meeting the chairs of the representative council for 2023 were also chosen. The chairs of the representative council are Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen, Mette Hyytiäinen and Yannick Schuurmans. 

Sponsor the songs in Punamusta

The new edition of Punamusta is almost ready and once again there is a chance to sponsor the songs in it. Sponsoring a song costs 50 €, and you get your name/alias mentioned next to the song of your choosing. You can sponsor songs by filling out this form
The form is open until the 18th of December at 4pm. After that, we will be in contact with everyone who filled out the form. We will send payment instructions to those who get to sponsor a song.

News from LUT university

Register to courses by 26.12. to have a chance to win gift cards

Registration to courses has begun in Sisu on December 1st ending on January 9th at 23.59 for courses beginning on the 3rd period. Note that the best way to avoid problems is to do the registrations in good time before the deadline! During this curriculum year after each period course registration time there will be a lottery where eligible are those who have taken care of all their registrations (showing in Sisu as accepted) to the period at least two weeks before the deadline.

Students that have taken care of all their course registrations for the third period by 26.12. are eligible to take part in lottery for five pieces of 30 euro gift cards to Aalef shop. More information in eLUT

Other news

International Christmas Carols

The Greatest Christmas Carols sing-along in English and perhaps in other languages, too, in Sammonlahti church 
(Hietakallionkatu 7, Lpr) on Thursday, the 15th of December at 6pm. The Resonanssi choir will also perform in the event. “Glögi”, coffee, tea and Christmas pastries and pepper cakes served afterwards.
All warmly welcome!

FSHS: HealthStart questionnaire

The HealthStart questionnaire for first year students examines your physical, mental and social health, as well as the key aspects of your health behavior, as well as factors affecting your health, health behavior and ability to study. Read more.