The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) represents about 130 000 students in Finland, overseeing student’s benefits and making sure good student life conditions are met. All student unions in Finland are members of SYL. Yearly changing board and the federation staff will work together to influence education policy, social policy, worklife and future, environment and sustainability matters on both national and international levels. Application period to SYL’s board for the year 2023 is now in progress and the new board will be chosen at the federation assembly on 18th to 19th November this year. In addition to choosing the chair of the board and the board itself, the federation assembly will accept the action plan for SYL’s work and policy paper. The federation assembly will also deal with other matters brought to the table. 

SYL board and the chair of the board

Working in the board of SYL is a position of responsibility, which demands full time and committed work. It requires strong interest and passion for student advocacy and influence work. The person applying for a position in a board must have knowledge of the student union field and political decision making process. The person must also have previous experience for example work in a student union or political youth or student organisation. 

Board members will work in Helsinki and remote working is not possible. Working in a board equals full time, intensive job and therefore, it will be extremely difficult to advance studies, have other jobs or other positions of responsibility. SYL board consists of six (6) members and the chair of the board and the position is paid. 

SYL federation assembly and LTKY federation delegation

The federation assembly is the highest decision making body of SYL. Every member, i.e. student union, chooses their own delegation to the federation assembly, to make decisions about next year’s actions and finances and to choose the next board members. The size and the number of the votes depends on the number of members in the student union. The federation assembly is a great opportunity to get to know the student movement and student influence on a national level. 

LTKY’s delegation consists of six (6) members eligible to vote and three (3) deputies. More deputies can be sent if necessary. In the past years the delegation has included members of the LTKY board and active administrative student representatives. Members of the delegation are expected to attend preliminary meetings and carefully get acquainted with the given federation assembly materials. There will be 2-4 preliminary meetings in the autumn before the federation assembly. Those who will be chosen to the delegation must attend the fedetaration assembly fully. Please note that the federation assembly will take all day and it is not possible to attend personal meetings or do personal matters during the assembly days. LTKY will cover the travel costs for the members of the delegation. 

How can I show my interest?

According to LTKY’s rules of procedures of voting and election, the representative council will name the members of the delegation and candidates for SYL’s board members based on the board’s proposal. 

Unions’ proposals of people added to the delegation must be sent to LTKY’s executive director Arttu Kaukinen ([email protected]) by 6th September. Candidates for SYL board members must notify the executive director Arttu by 6th September. 

The board will handle the proposals in the meeting on 7th September and the representative council will make the decisions in a meeting 6/2022 on Monday 12th September. 

More information about the federation assembly and the application to SYL’s board can be found on the following links:


Chairs of the representative council

Noora Rautio, Anselmi Auramo and Olivia Kuronen