Each year LTKY awards Teekkari and Kylteri of the year among it’s members in the May Day/Wappupäivä. Now you can propose your suggestion for Teekkari or Kylteri of the year! The decision will be made by the council in it’s meeting on Thursday 20.4.2023 at 5pm. Proposals are gathered until 11.4. at 12.00. Proposals are sent via this form

Teekkari of the year and Kylteri of the year are teekkaris and kylteris who have been actively advancing and cherising the teekkari and kylteri culture of Lappeenranta. You can find the list of already awarded on Awards page. 

The survey also includes the LTKY gear wheel award to be given out on Wappu. According to rules of insignia: “The LTKY wheel can be awarded to a current member who has a promising future as a member of the student community, for exemplary action in favour of community and communal spirit.”