Would you like to play tennis, but the wall doesn’t give enough challenge anymore? Have you thought of playing games with a group, but you are missing the group? Find your squad with Hobbla Sports Network!

What is Hobbla Sports Network?

Hobbla Sports Network is a website where you can find different hobby groups and events, in which people with similar interests can join. You can find people with similar skills to play games with, without having to go through the process of organising an association. You can join those groups and events that fit your timetable. If you can’t find groups or events for you, you can easily make those yourself, too and others can join your group. Via Hobbla Sports Network, you can easily try out something completely new! Hobby associations can also join the network and create events for their members.

How does the Hobbla Sports Network work?

Go to the website hobbla.sportsnetwork.fi and create an account. After that you can search groups and events to join. Or you can make your own ones and wait for people to join. For example, you can book MOVEO game shift, then create an event on Hobbla Sports Network and invite friends to join. Then all you need to do is gather your stuff and go out there! 

Hobbla Sports Network is for all students. And we mean it, for all students!