HallOpEds, the student representatives of the administration, are equal members of the institutions and act as experts from the student perspective in the governing bodies.

LTKY is searching for student representatives for LUT Collegiate body and academic councils. Applying for HallOpEd requires nothing more than interest to get involved. No previous experience is required and the new student representatives will be introduced to the task.

University Collegiate body e.g. decides on the number of members of the Board and the length of their terms of office, elects the University’s internal representatives to the Board and elects the University’s auditors. Four student representatives and four alternates are elected to the Collegiate. Other members of the Collegiate can be found on the LUT intranet. NOTE! You will need Finnish skills for Collegiate body.

Academic Council e.g. decides on the curricula of the academic unit, makes proposals for the filling of the posts of the unit and issues dissertation permits. The Academic Council meets approximately once a month during the academic year, and prior to the meetings, HallOpEds meets with LTKY representatives.

Academic councils are searching for three members and three deputy members.
LBM 3+3
LENS 3+3
LES 3+3

Eligible for the position are students who are not employed more than 50% of the working time of the group in question by the university. A monetary reward is promised for meetings of the Collegiate and the Academic Councils.

Decisions on HallOpEds will be made at the LTKY Representative Council meeting and the new HallOpEd’s will be trained during November-December.

Read more from this page or directly from the halloped.fi website through which the application is also sent!

Here you can read Armi’s article about HallOpEd activity, and what kind of person can become a HallOpEd!

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