This spring we will have one more round of orders for teekkari caps. The 3rd round of orders is the last chance to get a teekkari cap for this Wappu so, if you still don’t have one, order yours now! Deadline for the third and final order batch is 23.2.2023. After this you are not able to order cap for this spring and Wappu! 

Teekkari cap costs 150 € for all students in this round. Caps will be ordered from LTKY shop and the order will be paid upon ordering. Freshers will get their caps on Wappu eve, after teekkari baptism, and other students will get their caps from the office or by mail. The caps will arrive on week 16. You can try on caps at LTKY’s office to get the right size. 

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Virpi Partti at LTKY’s office, by phone 045 261 2670 or by email [email protected].