Following persons have left an application for the board of the student union:

Applicants for the chair of the board:

Topias Parviainen

Lari Vanhala

Applicants for the board members:

Vilppu Penttilä

Kasper Saarinen

Robin Karlsson

Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen

Pinla Nokkanen

Sami Valjakka

Niilo Hendolin (23.11.)

Sara Simell (25.11.)

Erik Kuitunen (27.11.)

Anselmi Auramo (28.11.)

Leena Heikinmaa (28.11)

Johannan Johansson (28.11.)

A panel for the applicants will be held Monday 28.11. at 15:00. The link to the panel:

Panel will have English interpretation.

You may still apply!

You may enter the game all the way until the representatives council meeting at 1st of December. The council first chooses the new chair of the board and then the board from the proposition of the new chair.

The student union updates this page if new application arrive after the deadline. More info on the board application the board seats is given by the Executive Director Arttu Kaukinen([email protected] or 044 293 8818).