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suomen-pisin-wappu-lippuLappeenranta is known in other parts of Finland of three things: ham and boiled egg meat pies, the hockey team of SaiPa and The Longest Wappu of Finland. In student circles mainly of the latter. The kylteri and teekkari wappu of Skinnarila is best known of its length. Depending on the year and other factors wappu takes on average a bit over two weeks from mid-April to the second of May.

During wappu there are all sorts of events offered for the students. The frame of wappu consists of already established  series of spectacles starting with the wappu scream and continuing with e.g. FinnHits party and the hill car race KRuisinKi and finishes with the culminating events May Day Eve and May Day from teekkari baptism in Lake Saimaa to the May Day picnic. In addition, each year a number of innovative new events take place.

During wappu student overalls are like a home to students of LUT and they are the dress code of most events of wappu. In addition, they are the perfect alternative of clothing for the time in between the events. In conjunction with the wappu scream the overall badge of wappu is published and it shines in the colors of the guild in charge of wappu on that year.

The schedule of The Longest Wappu of Finland together with important information will be published in

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