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About studying

On your first weeks at LUT you will notice that studying in Finnish University may differ a lot from the way that you are used to. In the same lecture hall may well be sitting over a hundred people, on the other hand studied a lot of things in smaller groups. Perhaps the most significant difference, however, is the academic freedom we have. It allows studying just in an appropriate way for yourself. No one is forced to sit in a lecture hall, though in general it is useful. People come to lectures on voluntary basis to listen to the lecturer and other students should also be given to the possibility of doing so by letting everyone work in peace and talking with your neighbor the whole lecture no matter how amazing the previous night’s party was.

With freedom comes responsibility. You have to learn whatever is mandatory to learn in the courses and all obligatory course assignments must be done even if now one is there to get out of your bed. It is important to learn how to learn which basically means coming up with the best method for yourself to study. For some this might be going through over and over again the course book, some one learns best by listening the lecturer and for someone the best method is to study together with friends. In most cases the best way is some kind of combination of these.

From the university you can find in a wide range of support services of the studies, the use of which is permitted, even encouraged. Each degree program has their own Student adviser, Peer tutor in charge in the faculty of technology, which give advisory in study related issues in help you with the planning and updating of your personal study plan. You get know your own peer tutor in the first weeks of your student life in LUT and (s)he is the person who helps you to get to know the famous spirit of Skinnarila and to integrate yourself to the student life here. The study affairs office in turn gives general advices regarding for example enrollments. More info about these as well as other study guidance services in LUT you can find from Uni portal.

You get a lot of different brochures and info of your student life in Lappeenranta on your first days. Similar info is collected in a virtual form to the Uni portal. From the same portal you can find a lot more usual information regarding your studies so it is worth to learn how to use the Uni. Other of the school’s electronic information systems are WebOodi for enrolling to courses and getting the final grades and Noppa and Moodle for the use of courses for sharing materials and doing exercises. Also, the library has their own pages, where you can book new reservations, look at what books are available, borrow e-books and explore scientific articles. In order to read articles outside the university you should first log in to LUT’s own VPN port at

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