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How can I order a new student card?

As a new student you can order the card as soon as you get the information that you have a study place. The applications is however not going to progress until August-September when the information will be in our universities registers and your membership payment reaches us. The making of your student card takes 3 to 4 weeks. For example you can have discounts on railway and long distance bus tickets from the beginning of the semester when your studies begin. The fall semester always starts on August 1st.

How can I get student discounts before getting my student card?

If you need to travel by train or long distance bus and you don’t still have a student card of the student union you can have a discount from tickets with VR’s (national railway) and matkahuoltos (a long distance bus company) joint student card. For this card you need a form from university’s study affairs office and a headshot. The card is free, but a year tag for it costs 6 euros and you can get while getting the card. More info

I’ve lost my student card. What should I do?

Try to look for it from places where you might have lost it. Don’t for get to ask our university’s lost and found. If you can’t find it, order a new one from

I am a doctoral student. What do I benefit from joining the student union and getting a PhD student card?

A doctoral student membership offers you the same discounts and benefits as a regular student membership when it comes to the services the student union offers. Some of these services are for example promotion of students interest on study affairs and social affairs and free time activities; clubs, sport facilities and different kind of trips and events. Student union also offers a calendar to its members as well as the opportunity the rent its premises on affordable member price. With a PhD student card you can have discounts on some local companies but trains and buses don’t have discounts for PhD students. Neither can you have food on student price nor the services of YTHS (FSHS =Finnish Student Health Service). This is why the doctoral student membership fee does not include the part of YTHS.

not include the part of YTHS. How long is the previous year tag valid for?

Whole year and spring semester tags are valid in student restaurants, trains and buses until the end of September and in YTHS until the end of July. The fall semester tag is valid in student restaurants, trains and buses until the end of January and on YTHS until the end of December.

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