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Lappeenranta University of Technology, Student Union and the city of Lappeenranta offer various kinds of sport opportunities on and off campus. Here you can also find information about sport club Parru’s activities.

Lappeenranta creates a great setting for outdoor activities such as jogging and skiing in the beautiful nature by the lake Saimaa. We have gathered here also some opportunities to do your workout indoors. In case you are interested on other kinds of sports than mentioned on the web pages and need advices, please feel free to contact the international secretary (int (at) or SaLUT (salut (at)

Read the website and the instructions provided thoroughly, to make sure you get the most out of the service. Together we can build a well-being campus.

SaLUT is a joint project of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology. The aim is to promote and support the students’ well-being and coping during studies. SaLUT includes a wide range of sports and welfare services as well as organize a variety of demo classes and events. Activities are designed to promote students’ health and create cohesiveness between different training programs and higher education institutions.

SaLUT offers two kinds of sport passes for the students of LUT and SAIMIA. First is the regular sports pass, which allows you to use all of the gyms and other sporting facilities at the campus only for 20€ for semester. For 60€ you can also purchase the pass for group fitness classes which also allows you to use the other services.

Read more about SaLUT and check out the map for campus sports facilities. Remember also to check the bookings for sport halls!

LTKY owns two shares for the courses of Viipurin Golf; Etelä-Saimaa Golf and Kahilanniemi. The shares are meant for the use of members of the student union. We have now updated the principals on how to use the shares. Especially the old way of paying with cash is now gone. Guidelines on how to use the shares are:

  • Berofe your first reservation for a round of golf contact LTKYs contact person with email. Details below. In the message tell that you want to use the golf shares and tell your name, student number, email and phone number.
  • As an answer you shall receive personal reference number with which you can pay your round of golf directly to LTKY account.
  • After that send message to the LTKY contact person the day to which you want to reserve a share from the student union. We are building a better system for this.
  • After confirmation that a share is free book you teetime from Viipuri Golfs caddiemaster.
  • Pay your round of golf to LTKY account FI9410913000310351 using ALWAYS your personal reference number. The cost of one round is 10 €.
  • When you arrive to the golf course confirm your arrival with the caddiemaster by phone.


LTKYs contact person during summertime:
22.6.-12.7. Tiia Kettunen,
13.7. -> Antti Ilmavirta,

You can reach Viipuri Golfs caddiemaster by phone from (0600 95 630 (0,30€/min) or by email from More information about Viipuri Golfs courses and services can be found from

Parru ry is a sports club for students and staff of LUT and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Parru is responsible for coordinating competitive sports under SaLUT as well the participation of students Finnish championships.

Everyone who takes part in Parrus activities is its member and they don’t take any membership fee.

At the moment Parrus sports are futsal and hockey on which Parru is playing on the local 3rd division. American football organized by Lappeenranta Wildmen is also under Parrus activities. Wildmen are participating the national university league. Parru is also organizing sports events such as The Night of Sports in Huhtari and the snowbandy tournament.

If you got interested on Parrus activites or would like to start playing futsal or hockey in Parrus teams you can get further information from hallitus (at)

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