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Jäynäs (pranks) are an essential part of the Karelian teekkari (engineering student) and kylteri (business student) culture and nurturing the jäynä culture is the responsibility of all students of LUT. Making a jäynä is not difficult and even one carried out with small resources can be successful and produce joy. One should be proud of a successful jäynä because it is Karelian teekkari and kylteri culture at its best!

The essence of a jäynä is often wicked but good-natured, sometimes on the bounds of propriety moving event, device, idea or act. The meaning of a jäynä is to provide entertaining for the maker and the target of the jäynä as well as the general public.

Making jäynäs has always been a common spirit increasing habit for all the teekkaris of Finland in every town with a technical university and it has shaped the public perception of what is a teekkari in both good and not-so-good. Because of this a person making a jäynä is a messenger of teekkari culture and has the responsibility of making sure that now one suffers from the jäynä.

The acceptable limits of a jäynä are defined on the rules of the lappeen Ranta jäynäkisa (jäynä competition) which each jäynääjä (prankster) should have read through before starting a jäynä.

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