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Supervision of interests


Constant actions with university, taking care of students rights with Black and Grey lists, questionnaires and HallOpEds.


Answering questions related to the everyday lives of students face to face as well as via email.


LTKY informs of issues they see relevant on their different information channels.

Harassment contact person

The student union’s harassment contact person supports and advices students who have encountered harassment. The harassment contact person is sworn to professional secrecy. You can contact the contact person by email or by phone 044 293 8821 or or by phone 0442726699

More info

Gauriloffs legal advisory

Members of LTKY have the possibility to contact by phone the lawyers of Gauriloff Attorney at Law Ltd and ask legal questions both in English and Finnish. The advices are given by phone but no documents can be written with this service. This service is free.

Contact number: +358 400 701 401

Black list and gray list

Tools for supervision of students’ interest. Found from LTKY’s web site.

For sale

Overall tags, pins, LTKY's ribbon for guilds and LTKY's anniversary parties

Buy them from the office secretary during the opening hours of the office.


Skinnarila’s and lappeen Ranta’s own songbook. Buy it from the office secretary or from different events.


The basement

Affordable prices for members. Make your reservation via the reservation calendar or email More

Sauna and cabinet

Can be reserved the same way as the basement. More

Golf shares

LTKY has 2 golf shares for local courses. Instructions on how to use them can be found on this website.


Year tags for student cards

Get from the office secretary during the opening hours of the office.


A calendar for the school year which is published once a year. Get it for free from the student union’s office.


Alive is an online media that gathers together all the stories of Skinnarila. The content is produced by LTKY, students and members of staff at the campus area. You can find Alive on

Copy machine

You can take copies with the student union’s copy machine by paying a bit. More


Various magazines are ordered to the office. Anyone can read them for free.

Board games

Board games can be borrowed for everyone free of charge. You can get them from the room of the Secretary of Membership Services from student union’s office by leaving your student card as a collateral. More


Free for all members at the student unions office. Remember to drink your coffee in student unions office. Coffee is not a takeway. 


You can blow on the alcoholmeter at the office’s opening hours at the counter of the office secretary. 1€ per use.

Thermos bottle and thermos boxes

Free for everyone. Book and collect them from the Secretary of Membership Services. 2 thermos boxes, 2 small thermos bottle, 2 big thermos bottle and 1 thermos bottle for water.

Archive of old exams

Student union has an online archive of thousands of old exams. You can find them from Exams will come to the online archive as soon as possible.

Teekkari caps (technology student caps)

Ordering the cap is everyone’s own responsibility but the ordering is coordinated and the caps are delivered at vappu by LTKY. More

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