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Face to face or email advices

Project grants

The clubs have a right to apply for project grants. The applications should be delivered either to the office secretary or the secretary of membership services after which member services committee will handle them.

Accounting rights and access to the account

The club should deliver receipts and clarifications to the office secretary. The office secretary will also give rights for using bank account for two members of the club.



Available for use for member price. The club should name two drivers who have the right to drive the van.

Thermos bottle and thermos boxes

Free for everyone. Book and collect them from the Secretary of Membership Services. 2 thermos boxes, 2 small thermos bottle, 2 big thermos bottle and 1 thermos bottle for water.


The basement

Free for other events than parties. For organizing parties normal member prices. More

Sauna and –cabinet

Can be reserved the same way as the basement.

Meeting room

The clubs have the right for using student unions meeting room as well as the sauna cabinet for their meetings.

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