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Face to face or email advices

Project grants

At least for now the associations have the right to apply for project grants for their events


Guilds can have their own surveys made for the price of secretary’s hourly wage.



Driving rights for two per association

Thermos’s and hot boxes

Free for everyone. Book and collect them from the Secretary of Membership Services. 2 hot boxes, 2 small thermos’s,  2 big thermos’s and 1 thermos bottle for water.


Mattresses are borrowed for example excursion visitors. Please contact in case you want to borrow these.


Microphones can be borrowed for kellari events. Booked microphones need to pick up at LTKY office for working hours (mon-thu 10-15 fri 10-14). The microphone user manual can be found at the DJ work place, please read them carefully.


The basement

Use for member price. More

Sauna and –cabinet

Use for member price. More

Meeting room

The meeting room of student unions office is free to book for associations

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