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HallOpEd – Student Representatives

According to LUT’s study rules and regulations, there are student representatives in every university or stakeholders decision level. HallOpEd’s are chosen by the Student Representative Council of Student Union or for some cases by the Board of the Student Union. Everyone who’s a member of LTKY is able to run in the vote to be selected as HallOpEd.

There are student representatives in all of the three Schools and in separate units such as Library and Language Center advisory boards. The Student Union also chooses representatives to other stakeholders boards, such as FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service or in Finnish for short YTHS) and LOAS (Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation).

If you have any questions about Student Representatives contact LTKY’s Advocacy Expert by email or phone 044 293 8825

Student representatives

Kollegio (4+4) (1.1.2017-31.12.2018)

  • Pia Etelävuori (deputy member Jenni Aaltonen)
  • Kuisma Närhi (deputy member Reetta Määttänen)
  • Miika Laurikainen (deputy member Olli Kousa)
  • Jenni Lunttila (deputy member Mika Teiska)

LUT School of Energy Systems (3+3) (1.1.2017-31.12.2018)

  • Topias Suikula (deputy member Juho Ukkola)
  • Arttu Hämäläinen (deputy member Otto Salminen)
  • Miika Laurikainen (deputy member Petri-Tapio Heikkonen)

LUT School of Engineering Science (3+3) (1.1.2017-31.12.2018)

  • Kuisma Närhi (deputy member Hannalotta Kataja)
  • Jenni Lunttila (deputy member Olli Kousa)
  • Armi Rissanen (deputy member Reetta Määttänen)

LUT School of Business and Management (3+3) (1.1.2017-31.12.2018)

  • Jan Saariniemi (deputy member Mira Rossi)
  • Taika Sipponen (deputy member Emma Korhonen)
  • Pia Etelävuori

The Board of LOAS (1+0)

  • Antti Ilmavirta

The board of the YTHS local station (3+0) (1.1.2018-31.12.2019)

  • Ida Mäkelä
  • Vishaal Sood
  • Tuomas Kuismanen

Degree committee (1+0)

  •  Vilma Mäkitalo
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