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Here you can find the recreational evening activities happening during the freshmen orientation weeks we had last year. This years program will be announced in August. The schedule for the official daytime activities can be found here.

Monday 27.8.

21:00 I love mondays! party @ Student union building

First party of the year! This party, organized by the guild Lateksii, is your first chance to get to know a lot of the freshmen from all the different study programs. It is held conveniently at the student union building at the campus.

Tuesday 28.8.

Freshmen olympics

Traditional freshmen olympics are held this year at the Skinnarila Garden and it’s surroundings. So don’t hesitate and take yourself, your new friends, comfortable clothes and loads of good spirit and join the boogie. The event consists of different games, checkpoints and a competition between the guilds of LUT.

Wednesday 29.8.

Degree program specific activities.

Thursday 30.8.

Degree program specific activities.

Suit up! student party @ Amarillo, club at the city center

Friday 31.8.

BBQ at Schwäbisch Hall / hang around in various places at campus

Saturday/Sunday 1-2.9.

Degree  program specific activities.

First study period begins

Monday 3.9.

Beach party @ Sammonlahti beach

The legendary Beach Party by Enklaavi is here again and gathers together all students from around Skinnarila to enjoy one of the last summer evenings. This party has been one of the biggest events of the year based on the amount of participants. There are going to be some games and contests as well as music and just chilling out with new friends. Most importantly, the freshmen have a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to show their love towards their helpful tutors by literally having the permission to throw them into lake Saimaa. Fun, isn’t it!?!

Remember to take cash for hot dogs and overall badges!

Tuesday 4.9.

Freshmancap sauna evening @ student union building basement

It is once again time to give new freshman caps their babtism by fire at the first sauna evening of the year. Be there or be square.

Wednesday 5.9.

16:00 Freshman orienteering @harbour marketplace

Freshman orienteering is here again! Freshmen form teams and start their task and excitement filled journey from city center to Skinnarila. Find your inner explorer and come and spend unforgettable evening with us!

The freshman orienteering is organized this year on Wednesday 7th of September and it stars from the harbor marketplace at 16:00. So gather up a team of 4-8 students and experience the checkpoints guilds, clubs and other associations.

Thursday 6.9.

The freshmen promotion

Almost two weeks down, but still great events to enjoy. It is time for the new students to leave behind their childhood and become full proof freshmen. There’s scent of great celebration in the air when children move in convoys to the lake Saimaa to leave as true freshmen.

Freshmen promotion will start behind the Student Union building at 22:00, when the freshmen captains will announce the winners of freshmen olympics and the freshmen orienteering.

Friday 7.9.

BBQ at Schwäbisch Hall / hang around in various places at campus

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