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The facilities of student union building basement are owned by the student union. The facilities have been renovated 2010 and are good for various type of activities. Some examples of events organized in the basement are game nights, sauna evening’s sits parities and even some weddings. If you would like to come to see the facilities please contact

The facilities are free to rent for anyone but the prices are more affordable to the members of the student union.

Sauna and sauna cabinet
180€ Weekdays for 12 hours (sauna on for 4 hours)

200 € for weekend day
400€ Whole weekend from Friday to Sunday

Cabinet without sauna 80€/ weekday.

On weekends only the cabinet is not rented but it comes with the sauna.

Extra hours for heating the sauna 20€/h

100 € per week day

150 € per holiday or weekend day
200€ Whole weekend from Friday to Sunday

Whole space as a package price

Sauna and sauna cabinet
250 € for 12 hours (sauna on for 4 hours)

350 € holiday or weekend day
550 € whole weekend

The price of the cabinet is included in the price of the sauna.
For non-members it is not possible to rent only the cabinet.

Extra hours for heating up the sauna 20€/h

120 € week day

280 € holiday or weekend day
350 € whole weekend

Whole space as a package price

The person who has made the reservation will be in charge of the cleaning and if the facilities are not cleaned he/she will pay for the cleaning.

If the terms of agreement are not followed the person who has made the reservation might lose his/her right to use the facilities.

For a user of the facilities

Rules: basement, sauna and sauna cabinet

1 § At the beginning of the reservation please fill in the inspection form and return it with the key.

2 § Read through the cleaning instructions and follow them.

3 § If something is broken during the reservation, please contact the Secretary of member services via e-mail ( immediately (latest when the reservation ends).The person in charge of the reservation is also in charge of the possible damages.

4 § Check that all the items and furniture are present as it is stated in the item list. If something is missing, inform immediately the Secretary of member services (

5 § If the recreational facilities are unclean at the beginning of the reservation please contact the Secretary immediately ( Even if the space is unclean it doesn’t give you the right to leave the room unclean as well.

6 § The dishes need to be washed and the recreational facilities need to be cleaned and empty by eight o’clock in the morning.

7 § Read through the safety instruction carefully and follow them.

8 § Smoking and sleeping is strictly forbidden in the recreational facilities.

9 § Don’t use tape to attach items on the walls.

10 § Please return the key after the reservation is over to the Student Union office or to the Student Union mailbox that is located at the end of the building close to the FSHS.

11 § The person booking the facilities is responsible for cleaning and the good maintenance of the facilities. The person who has made the reservation is responsible for covering the costs for the broken movable and extra cleaning.

12 § Not following the rules can lead to additional costs to the person who has made the reservation and more serious negligence leads to banning the person from reserving the recreational facilities or other items.

New reservation

By filling the reservation form you agree to follow the terms of agreement above.


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