Representative election 2021

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Link for the eletrical voting system and instructions how to use it, will come here before voting period starts.

Election announcement

Election area where marketing is allowed during the elections, except 1.-3.11.

Election timetable

  • 22.9. Election announcement
  • 27.9. Election register publishing
  • 27.9. Running for elections starts
  • 18.10. Rectification claims about the election register must be submitted to the central election committee 
  • 21.10. Rectifications claims are handled at the latest
  • 11.10. Running for elections ends at 3 p.m.
  • 11.10. Candidates and candidate’s numbers publishing 
  • 22.10. Place and time for elections are announced
  • 28.10.-31.10. Pre-elections
  • 1.-3.11. Actual election days (voting ends 3.11. At 2 p.m.)
  • 3.11. Election night-event and publication of the result (about 6 p.m.)

About the representative council

The Representative Council is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union and meets approximately once a month. The Representative Council elects a Board for the Student Union and appoints student representatives. Chooses the student representatives for the LUT University, LOAS and FSHS administrations and decide the amount of the membership fee and approve the budget. In addition, the Representative Council decides on the broad lines when LTKY expresses its opinion on, for example, education policy.

Elections register

All eligible LTKY’s members are listed in the LTKY’s Elections register.

Eligibility means that you have the right to vote and sign up as a candidate in council elections. 

If your name is not on the elections register you are not able to vote or run for elections. 

Election register must include all present students. LTKY’s central elections committee has approved the register. 

The elections register with student numbers is available here. The elections register with both student numbers and names can be found from LTKY’s office during office hours 27.9.-8.10.

If you are unsure of your eligibility you can check it from the election register. If after an inspections we find that your name is not on election register but you believe you are eligible, you must file a written appeal at the latest 18.10. At 3 p.m. 

Every eligibility member of student union can run for elections by form verified by central election committee.

Run for elections

You can run for election by filling the form at the latest 11.10. At 3 p.m. Same deadline is for returning the possible form for founding the electoral coalition and alliance. 

More information about joining for coalitions can be asked from the coalition’s contact person.

Running as a candidate has ended 11.10. 3PM.

Coalitions and alliances

Forming a coalition:

Two or more candidates can form a coalition. Coalition name and sign must be marked to the founding form of coalition. The form for coalition forming must include the name of the contact person. There can be 27 members maximum in one coalition. 

Forming an alliance:

Two or more coalitions have the right to unite into an alliance. A coalition and a candidate and two or more coalitions and candidates have the same right.

The members of the alliance must submit a form to the Central Electoral Committee listing the names of the member unions joining the alliance.

The form must be submitted no later than Monday, October 11, 2021 by 3:00 p.m.

2021 coalitions:

Ympäristön Laskennallinen Energia (YLE)

We represent students in environmental engineering, computational engineering and energy technology.

If you are interested in representative position in a good union and group! It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, an experienced student, or something in between. Representative council makes sure that the student culture and study time are memorable and provide important tools for the rest of your life.

Contact person: Tommi Murtola

Gininen Tulevaisuus (GT)

GT is applying for the second term of the representative council with the goal of being an interdisciplinary alliance and pursuing the interests of the entire campus and student community, regardless of the guild or field of study of an individual representative. Our goal is to be active in matters of lobbying, student union and culture, and instead of confrontation, to find the best possible solution through discussion. There is no group or meeting discipline in the union, meaning everyone is allowed to vote and speak as they see fit.

GT’s operations are characterized by good meeting behavior, which means that we prepare for meetings together in advance and find out about the issues to be discussed and the issues that are foreign to us. In addition, we are active, that is, we speak at meetings and participate as actively as possible in the work of committees and other working groups, of course, according to each rep’s own use of time. The third word describing our activities is community, we cherish the good spirit of the representatives and take care of it, even if the activities or things to discuss can be serious, it is nice and relaxed to work in both the council and GT. You should apply if you agree with the description and mission of the union. It doesn’t matter what your field of study is.

Contact person: Noora Rautio


A school of business and analytics -minded alliance on the whole campus’ issues.

Contact person: Meerimaria Ketokulta

Put In (PI)

The coalition for international students and anyone passionate about representing the interests of international students.

Contact person: Anna Nikitina

Kokoomusmieliset (KOMI)

Common alliance of Kokoomus (political party) minded students. Anyone who has even a few Coalition values ​​should apply to the Representative Council from the lists of our union!

Contact person: Niilo Hendolin

KoneTeekkariOnKaikkienKaveri (KTOKK)

In the traditional way, students of mechanical engineering will again be involved in the elections to the Representative Council by their own electoral alliance.

Contact person: Martin Perälahti

Pro-Teesi-Puolue (PTP)

We want to be an alternative to large electoral alliances and, for our part, to increase the diversity of elections and influence. Our goal is to promote students decision-making power in university decisions and reforms. We also want to encourage all students to get involved in decision-making and influencing. Power belongs to the builders of the future – the students.

Contact person: Erno Haverinen

If founded a coalition and would like your contact information on this website, please contact the Central Electoral Committees secretary by e-mail [email protected]

Election compass

Candidates are offered the opportunity to fill in an election compass which has questions related to the university field, LUT, and LTKY. The election compass is implemented by the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL). More about the election compass will be announced later on this page.


[All forms are closed]

Lahti & Turku

LUT students from Lahti and Turku can sign up as candidates in the representative elections of the Student Union of the LUT University with the normal customs.

Check your eligibility at the website, from Student Union office in Lappeenranta or Lahti, or contact the Central Election Committee secretary during the opening hours of the LTKY office.

Election area where marketing is allowed during the elections, except 1.-3.11.

Candidates 2021


2 Ella Teiskonlahti

3 Roosa Grönberg

4 Monika Rautio

5 Mette Hyytiäinen

6 Heikki Helppi

7 Meerimaria Ketokulta

8 Jonas Papathemelis

9 Lenni Lindblad

10 Juho Karén

11 Henna Raekorpi

12 Maria Tawaststjerna

13 Elviira Kairamo

14 Lasse Narinen

15 Tino Hakanen

16 Anselmi Auramo


17 Benjam Tulensalo

18 Antti Karhunen

19 Eetu Vilenius

20 Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen

21 Johanna Johansson

22 Senni Auvinen

23 Lari Vanhala

24 Oona Karttunen

25 Katja Immonen

26 Tommi Murtola

27 Jaakko Marttila

28 Juho Hakala

29 Akseli Suutari

30 Erik Kuitunen

31 Samuli Kantola


32 Topias Parviainen


33 Noora Saksa

34 Ilari Iso-Mustajärvi

35 Jemina Laine

36 Kuisma Saariaho

37 Niilo Hendolin


38 Tommi Kunnari

39 Yannick Schuurmans

40 Ari Holahan

41 Yuriy Bokovoy

42 Anna Nikitina

43 Frederick Snell


44 Oskari Antikainen

45 Erno Haverinen


46 Sonja Töyrylä

47 Elias Samuli

48 Lassi Onne

49 Anna Lindholm

50 Henri Ijäs

51 Ella Toimela

52 Anniina Pokki

53 Emmi Smolander

54 Maria Aartolahti

55 Heikki Lohilahti

56 Pinla Nokkanen

57 Noora Rautio

58 Tuuli-Maaria Rönkä

59 Rami Saarivuori

60 Robin Karlsson

61 Roni Juntunen

62 Olivia Kuronen

63 Reetta Malmivaara


64 Tomi Suikkari

65 Nestori Mäntysaari

66 Miikka Huotari

67 Juho Ukkola

68 Martin Perälahti

69 Joona Palviainen

70 Aleksi Sullström