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About the facilities

The facilities of student union building basement are owned by the student union. The facilities have been renovated on 2010 and are good for various type of activities. The facilities are suitable for table parties, game nights and other events. If you would like to see the facilities or need more information please contact [email protected].

The facilities are available for everyone to rent but the prices are more affordable to the members of the student union.

Aalef Catering serves a wide range of different occasions! Aalef provides a menu and service tailored to your occasion – as a complete package from catering to decorations and located under the same roof as the facilities.

Send a free-form request by e-mail to [email protected] and read more at http://aalef.fi/catering.

Reservation calendar

Events in December 2021

  • Nesu Enklaavi
  • Clusterin Arpasitsit
  • LapTOp ry Vuju Sillis
  • LapTOp ry Vuju Sillis
  • LaKOSTEN Fuksisitsien jatkot
  • NESU-Enklaavin vujusitsit
  • Pikametallimiehet ry syyskokous
  • ERIKRJK pikkujoulut
  • Save the Norppa's
  • LaGeR + LaKu vujusitsit
  • TEKin Hallituksen glögit
  • Yksityistilaisuus

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