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In Lappeenranta student parties have a lot of different dress codes depending on the nature of the event. Usually the invitation, poster or Facebook event will include a dress code. Dress code can vary from more traditional ones, such as smart casual, to ones that require more imagination such as Mexican circus. This small DC guide will tell a bit what different dress codes mean in Skinnarila.

haalaritHaalarit might be the easiest dress code since you don’t really have to think which overalls you would like to wear today. But you also have to be careful with them: you shouldn’t wear overalls unless you are 100% sure that it’s ok. It is perfectly fine also to enter an event with the overall dress code without overalls.

Wearing overalls for a theme party is not acceptable unless it is mentioned in the invitation (e.g. DC After Ski + overalls).

However, one shouldn’t be afraid of the use of overalls and leave them home just in case. Especially on wappu and on freshmen orientation weeks there are a lot of events where overalls are an expected dress code even though it is not mentioned. Usually in outdoor events the overall dress code is more common than others.

You can find a number of different versions of smart casual in dressing guides. However, in Skinnarila there are two that are commonly used; the more festive and business version, Smart casual, together with hockey night
(hokinait in Finnish)
and cocktail, compile a dressing entity that has a lot in common. The main difference between these three is the nature of the event. Smart casual is for more informal occasions.

The business casual look is usually worn for company contacts either when visiting companies or when company visitors come to Skinnarila. For men this usually means a neat pair of jeans, shirt blouse and possibly a casual suit jacket or suit pants with a less formal top. For women a good option is a pencil shirt with a casual top or a neat shirt combined with trousers and a blazer.

For a more formal smart casual the best option is to find a suit. It doesn’t have to be gray or black and the use of a tie is optional for men.

coctailHockey night which is pronounced and written as hokinait in Finnish is Skinnarilas own dress code for festive yet rather casual occasion. The name comes from the outfits which sports commentators usually wear on TV so you can find your inspiration there. It is a dress code between smart casual and cocktail which allows for more variation since it is a bit more unofficial dress code.

For men hokinait is more or less the same that smart casual: neat jeans are often allowed and a suit or a tie are also good for a more festive event. For women hokinait is closer to cocktail than smart casual. In general, therefore, little black or colored dress is a good option. Another option is a skirt and a slightly more festive top part. They can be combined with for example a cardigan.

The nature of the event affects a lot on what to wear with a cocktail dress code. A good guide line is to dress up as if you were going to your cousins wedding.

For men the most secure option is a suit. For a festive event you should choose a dark suit, white shirt and a discreet tie. For a less conventional event you can choose a colored shirt and play a bit the tie selection. For women, cocktail dress usually includes about a knee-length dress, and on top of it, if necessary, clean jacket, bolero or scarf to protect your shoulders.


frakkiOne can usually wear a tail coat in Skinnarila only on the most dignified occasions, the annual academic ball of guilds and the student union. In these parties people can also wear the academic badges of honor including the student union ribbon which announces which organization the user proudly represents. The ribbon of LTKY has the colors of Karelia; edges are black with a red stripe in the middle.

For men the tail suit dress code includes, surprise surprise, a tail suit. It includes its own trousers with satin ribbon on the side, tailcoat, white dress shirt, white vest and white bow tie, cufflinks and patent-leather shoes. One does not use a belt with a tail suit, so it’s best to wear braces if you are afraid that the trousers should fall.

One can choose to replace the tail coat with a dark suit. According to the dress code the suit must be black or almost black the shirt has to be white and the tie should be restrained. In Skinnarila you can often see ties that combine with the man’s avec’s dress but the ties cannot be patterned. For example, navy blue or pearl gray tie is always a good option.

For women in these situations the dress to wear is a full-length, evening gown that covers the ankles, which, according to label, cannot be pantsuit. Gown can be open, and you can use a festive bolero, stole or scarf to cover the shoulders. Usually a festive fabric is chosen, jewelry can be impressive and a scatter evening bag is used.

dc-finkkaritIt is quite common that on event has no dress code what so ever, which means that you can decide yourself what to wear, although dressing as itself is desirable. An event can also have a theme which all participants are expected to follow. For getting clothes for theme parties you might want to check out the second hand stores of Lappeenranta like Vilma’s and Kontti.

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