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There are several active clubs operating under the student union. The clubs offer free time activities of all sorts and are always welcoming new members. The clubs operate independently, but are legally and financially part of the Student Union.

If you can’t find a club, that suits your interest, from the listing below it also possible to establish a club of your own. For establishing a club, please contact the Secretary General of the student union for directions.

Web pages of clubs:

ActI – Theatre club

ESN Lappeenranta -Erasmus Student Network in Lappeenranta

Elko – Electronic Club

Grilliseura – Barbeque Club

Init -Game development club

Kamerakerho – Photography Club

Skinnarilan kristityt opiskelijat – Christian Club

LaSkin -Downhill skiing club

Lateres – Lappeenranta’s Teekkari reservists

Laukka – Horseback riding Club

Louhi – Board game and role game Club

MSAL – Muslim Students Associtation Club

Mäti ja Maiti – Fishing Club

Pikametallimiehet – Heavy metal music Club

Resonanssi – Women’s Choir

Rooliahjo – Roleplay Club

Ruut – Computer Club

S.A.H.Ti – Alcohol free Club

Skinkino – Cinema Club

TeMu – Music Club

TechMu – Electric Music

Teknillinen maamiesseura (SMP)

Tippa-Team – Ultra-economical car design

UlSu – Hiking Club

WAK/WMCC – Car and Motorcycle Club

SPoKe – Skinnarila Poker Club

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