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TeekkarilakkiThe most important of the external characters are overalls and the teekkari cap and kylteri caps. LTKY’s office also sels other Lappeenranta student symbols: overall badges, ribbons for anniversary balls, pins and the PunaMusta song book.

Teekkari cap is similar to the Finnish graduation cap (Finnish students cap) which students can place on their head after graduating from upper secondary school and passing their matriculation exams. The Lappeenranta version of the cap has seven corners and a tassel which hangs over the right edge of the cap. The cap can be worn from 12.00 on the 30th of April till Lakinlaskijaiset (Hat lowering) held during the fall. In order to use the cap outside this time you must apply a permission from LTKY’s Chair of the Board, Cultural Affairs responsible or Secretary General with an application writen behind a receipt from Alko.

The kylteri cap in Lappeenranta is made from a Finnish students cap by replacing the original cokade, with our student unions symbol.

Overalls are protective clothes of students color of which depends on the field of study of a student. The overalls are meant to be decorated with badges and other additions. Friend and dating couples tend to change different parts of their overalls, in Lappeenranta friends switch sleeves and romantic partners switch pant legs. Overalls may be used freely throughout the year at one’s own discretion, and a number of events have overalls as a dress code. Lappeenranta university students have ten different colored overalls, which are determined as follows:

Armatuuri (Energy Technology) – White

Cluster (Information Technology) – Red

Enklaavi (Business) – Neon yellow

Kaplaaki (Industrial Management) – Navy blue

Lateksii (Computational Engineering) -Fuchsian Red

Ketek (Chemical Technology) – Black

KRK (Mechanical Technology) – Orange

Pelletti (Environmental Technology) – Grey

Sätky (Electrical Engineering) – Green

ESN Lappeenranta has also own overalls for exchange students. Their color is blue.

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