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The incident on Monday 24.8. event

We have been informed that in the I Love Mondays student party held on Monday 24.8. there has been a life-threatening incident. Something was added to a participating students drink without the student knowing it. Thanks to the fast reactions of other participants, the student recived medical attention quickly. According the information received by LTKY the substance added couln’t be identified, but the hospital suspected it to be designer drug. The victim consideres making an offense report to the police.

LTKY and KOE don’t accept drugs in any form at the campus and we want to emphasize that these kind of situation cannot happen again. We hope that everyone is alert and reports any suspicious activity and calls for help if there are even a hint of someone being drugged. It is better to call 112 for help sooner than later. Also make sure that you never leave your drink without supervision.

So, remember to take care of others and ensure that the student communoity stays safe for everyone in the future, too.

For more information:

Antti Ilmavirta
Secretary General
044 293 8818

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