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Freshmanbobblefreshmanorienteeringtasks cancelled

LTKY has decided that the responsible choice is to cancel the freshmanbobblefreshmanorienteeringtasks on Wednesday.  We came to this conclusion as the attendance would have been considerably greater with two years worth of freshmen. We want to ensure our members’ safety and cancel the event, as we have received multiple complaints that social distancing and official recommendations have not been followed. The amount of potential attendees, consumption of alcohol and the usage of public transport between Skinnarila and the city center cause potential risks for both students and outsiders alike. We do want to remind however, that our other events such as freshman baptism, Teekkari- and Kylteri baptism, Wappupicnic and the cleaning of Skinnarila will commence as planned. These events have fewer participants and we can ensure compliance of safety measures better.

We’re sorry about the late announcement and any inconvenience or trouble that might ensue. We strongly feel that this is the responsible course of action that puts the safety of our members under current circumstances.

On behalf of LTKY’s board,
Kuisma Närhi

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