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Exceptions caused by Coronavirus

We have compiled some answers about Student Union activities, frequently asked questions and helpful links. We recommend that you first look at LUT’s answers on, for example, teaching arrangements. These releases are available on Intranet and LUT email.

Office Services

The University and the Student Union House are closed from 18.3. to 13.4.2020. LTKY’s office is currently closed. Office services can be used separately by making an appointment with the office secretary by e-mail: or by phone +358 45 261 2670.

We recommend that you first download the electronic student card (Frank App) and, alternatively, send the student card and return envelope by mail to our office for the academic year sticker. If you are in the area, you can also drop the student card and return envelope into the LTKY mailbox located outside the Student Union House.


Studies are still continuing (distance learning), so LTKY will continue to carry out the promotion of students’ interests as normally as possible. Please follow the school email actively. All course communication is done through the course’s own Moodle. It’s also a good idea to share all new official information with your friends so that no one misses out on important information. If you have any questions regarding students, studies or teaching, you can contact the advocacy expert by email or message/call 044 293 8825.

We ask everyone to be calm about the situation. We also hope that students will understand that LUT is working hard to ensure that studies are organized as well as possible and, in particular, to ensure students graduation.

Campus area

The doors to the campuses are locked starting from Wednesday 18 March 2020. Students may not enter the campus premises. Exceptions can be made for exams or other teaching events for small groups (max. 10 persons) if the activity is essential for graduation. Instructions regarding such events will be provided separately. Participants will also be told which entrance to use, and a staff member will pick them up.

The Student House is also closed and the access of members, students and other visitors is denied.

Student restaurants

LUT Buffet, Street Café, Aalef YOLO, Pizza Ankur, Indiana Curry, Restaurant Skinnarila and Lahti Campus Restaurant are currently closed.

Restaurant Laseri will only provide take away lunches starting from Monday 30.3. Lunch time: Mon-Fri 11am – 14pm.

Indiana Curry Delivers food home with student price: Indiana Curry Covid-19 delivery

Student Union House SALE store

SALE Skinnarila is closed until further notice.

Exam arrangements

Exams taking place on campuses are cancelled. Under exceptional circumstances (when exams are essential for graduation or further studies) exams can be arranged. The decision on special arrangements is made by the vice-rector for teaching, based on proposals by the head of the degree programme.

Entrance examinations

At this point, university entrance exams will not be canceled or postponed. The common goal of universities is to secure student selection while respecting national guidelines. Preparations for the entrance examinations are currently being prepared on schedule. The safety of the participants will be ensured by providing adequate physical distance and by ensuring hygiene.

Wappu, capping, teekkari and kylteri status, events

Read more from Autumnwappu announcement and the previous releases from LTKY.

More information:

Remember to follow regulations from authorities, read official announcements and practice strict hygiene!

In all urgent cases concerning the Student Union, contact the Secretary General: / 044 293 8818

Useful links:

LUT intra: Coronavirus / Q&A on teaching arrangements

LUT library: LUT tiedekirjasto on toistaiseksi suljettu (Only Finnish)

SYL: The effects of the coronavirus in Finnish Universities

KELA: Opintotuki ja koronaviruksen aiheuttaman poikkeustilanteen vaikutukset – Opiskelijat (Only Finnish)

YTHS: Instructions on how to take care of your business during the coronavirus epidemic

Ekonomit: Opiskelijoille: Miten kesätöille käy, ja muut usein kysytyt kysymykset koronavirustilanteessa (Only Finnish)

TEK: Ajankohtaistietoa TEKin jäsenille koronavirukseen liittyen & Koronavirustilanteen vaikutus opiskelijoiden kesätöihin (Only Finnish)

OKM: Coronavirus and preparing for it in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture

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