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Announcement: The longest Autumnwappu in Finland 24.8.-6.9.!

With heavy hearts and following regulations set by Finnish Government, LTKY had to cancel the longest Wappu in Finland this spring. Wappu is the 1st of May party celebrated by all students. However, Wappu is not a date, Wappu is a state of mind and Wappu will come this year still! LTKY is happy to present the longest Autumnwappu in Finland in conjunction with the Freshmen weeks of LUT University. The opening of Autumnwappu will be held Monday 24th of August and the main events will be held 5th and 6th of September when the crane statues will get their caps, the freshmen their baptism and the fortress of Lappeenranta its students having a picnic. Autumnwappu, like Wappu, but in autumn!

Kuisma Närhi, member of the LTKY board and representative of cultural affairs, will contact members of the LTKY association register to discuss events moving from Wappu and how to integrate them to the program of Freshmen weeks. LTKY asks for patience and flexibility from all associations in these extraordinary and trying times.

LTKY will also hold events in Lahti and Turku in autumn, but we’ll have more information on these later.

For more information:

Kuisma Närhi
Representative of Cultural Affairs, LTKY Board
050 383 8657

Antti Ilmavirta
Secretary General
044 293 8818

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