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Announcement: Wappu is postponed – the effects of coronavirus on student activities

Lately coronavirus, that causes COVID-19 disease, has spread into worldwide pandemic and countries around the world take actions to slow it down. LTKY has been closely in touch with LUT and other stakeholders and follows the nationwide instructions given by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

12th of March the Finnish Government recommended that all public events with more than 500 attendees should be cancelled until the end of May 2020. Due to this the LTKY board has decided to postpone all the events during this Spring, including Wappu (1st of May), to later time. This includes also Wappu events in Lahti and Turku. But don’t worry, Wappu will return even greater later on! We’ll inform you later about new dates and details concerning Wappu and Teekkari caps.

Due to nationwide rules LTKY recommends that all of the associations under LTKY umbrella should cancel or postpone their events. LTKY will cancel all reservations to our premises starting week 13. If the organizer of meetings held before that date wants to cancel the reservation no charge will be collected.

The student union is fully aware how problematic and costly this can be to the associations. Therefore the associations under LTKY umbrella may contact secretary general of LTKY Antti Ilmavirta (044 293 8818, to discuss financial aid in case of expenses that are caused by cancelled events.

LTKY also recommends that the guild rooms should not be actively used until the end of Spring. The coffee space in LTKY office will be closed from 13th of March. LTKY will run with limited office hours from this date onwards, but will provide still all of the necessary services. You may contact LTKY advocacy expert Tiia Kettunen (044 293 8825, in case of need of express service.

The best way to protect yourself against coronavirus is to wash your hands regularly. Please also follow the instructions of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

We ask for understanding and patience from all of our members and associations in this tough situation.

For more information contact:

Anna Hirsimäki
Chair of the Board
050 4631 208

Antti Ilmavirta
Secretary General
044 293 8818

For information concerning reservations:

Virpi Partti
Office Secretary
045 2612 670

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