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LTKY Newsletter, February 5th, 2020


Save the Outdoor ice hockey -Tournament

The Save the Outdoor ice hockey -Tournament arrives for the first time in Lappeenranta! The event starts on February 22th, 2020 at 10 am on the Ice at Kisapuisto.

Winter sports are born outdoors, and we also want to keep them as outdoor sports. We hope that in the future children will have equal opportunities to play ice hockey on their nearby fields and lakes.

Come along to rescue outdoor ice hockey and spend a memorable day doing a good thing. The entire revenue of the tournament will be donated to work against climate change.

Learn more from the Facebook event.

Do you dream of buying your first home?

Buying your first home is a big decision. Buying a home can sometimes be a multi-step process, the details of which may not be familiar to the first home buyer. OP South Karelia is organizing an event in Finnsh with OP Home South Karelia to learn useful information about buying your first home.

Where and when?:
Tue 18.2.2020 from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm, OP South Karelia, 6th floor, Lappeenranta branch office, Kirkkokatu 9.
Program: The evening’s topics will be:
– Savings and ASP account
– ASP loan and first home purchase
– What to consider when buying your first home?
– OP-Home Services with your support. What you need to know about the home sale
as an opportunity? Digital home buying as a new option.

The buffet and coffee are served at the event. The event is free of charge and is intended for customers of all banks.

Please register by 12.2. here.

Warm welcome!

News from LTKYAnkkuri

Answer the quality investigation of teaching and win an iPad or movie tickets!

Quality investigation of teaching is here again!
The purpose of the inquiry is to investigate used teaching methods, workload of our studies and other factors affecting to your studies. Answering to this study helps us to change studying conditions for the better. The inquiry is done in co-operation with LTKY and the university. The results are reviewed with the administration of LUT and with Lappeenranta branch of Finnish student health service.

It only takes couple minutes to answer to this inquiry and you can win a new ipad, if you leave your contact information at the end. Inquiry is anonymous and given contact information cannot be associated with given answers.

Answer before 2.3.2020 and you can participate to a raffle where an ipad and movie tickets are given to the winners..

Thank you for answering and good luck in the raffle!

Link to the inquiry is here.

Apply for a member of culture and events taskforce now!

LTKY is forming a taskforce or a team, that is precisely for you, messengers of the Spirit of Skinnarila, those who want to partake in making our events and student cültüre bigger, better and b-adjective’er. The culture- and event team together with the board’s Culture affairs representative get to make LTKY’s events their way and get access to the resources to create new events in a motivated group of individuals.
More information from the board of LTKY, for example by the cup of coffee at LTKY’s office.

Send a freeform application to bu February 14th!

Apply for LTKY’s new Annual Celebration secretary

Want to get involved with the party of the year? Want to learn first-class project management and coordination experience? Want to become part of our youthful and dynamic community without specific working hours? If yes, become LTKY Annual Celebration Secretary!
Free-form applications must be submitted by email on 19.2.2020 by 23:59 to The interviews will be held after the application deadline, after which the LTKY Board will make the selection. Jobs begin immediately after selection. The duties of the anniversary secretary do not limit, for example, summer work. Most of the work is concentrated around the festive week in the fall.

For further information on the application and the functions of the Annual Celebration secretary, please contact Antti Ilmavirta, Secretary General (, +358 44 2938818).

More information about the position can be found here in Finnish.

The city of Lappeenranta

Climate program design workshops

The City of Lappeenranta has started the preparation of a climate program for 2021-2030. The City of Lappeenranta wants to take into account the views of residents and stakeholders to mitigate climate change.
Thematic workshops on climate action planning will be organized as part of the preparation of the climate program.
The Transport Workshop will be held on Thursday, 6.2.2020 in the LUT University TEK-Lounge from 16: 00-19: 00
More information on climate work in the City of Lappeenranta is available here.
The City of Lappeenranta encourages all residents and stakeholders to participate in events and participate in the preparation of the climate program.

Lappeenranta’s free youth groups have started

Spring’s youth groups have started and new members are welcome to join. The groups are aimed at people under 30 years of age in Lappeenranta. All groups are free and can be joined at any time. Welcome!

Find Your Own Group: Walking Group, Onni Café, Graffiti Shop, Jännä Group, Band Workshop, The Story of the Arts, Student Cabin.

More information in Finnish about groups from here.

News from LUT university

Record number of applicants to LUT’s Master’s programmes

LUT University has received a total of 4106 applications to its Master’s programmes: 1985 to ones taught in Finnish and 2121 to ones taught in English. Applications to Finnish-language programmes increased by 2.7% and those to English-language programmes increased by 55.2% compared to the previous year.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science, now arranged for the second time, attracted 228 applications, which exceeds last year’s number by 159.1 per cent. The programme admits 40 students.

More information from here.

LUT is searching for new members for Abitiimi

Abitiimi is marketing team that is made from LUT students who visit high schools around Finland to explain why you should apply. The team is part of the university’s communications and plays an important role in applicant marketing. Any LUT student can apply for membership.

What do we expect from the applicant:
– A genuine enthusiasm for the university and a desire to tell others about it
– Teamwork skills
– Flexibility
– Driving license
– Commitment to schedules and common goals

You also have the benefit if you have experience:
– Writing blog posts
– Content production in social media
– Taking photos or making videos
– Performing in front of an audience

What we offer:
– Part-time work approximately 10 hours per week (mid-August 2020 – April 2021)
– Salary under the university salary system
– Professional Performance Training
– Valuable work experience in various marketing tasks
– Creative and energetic work environment

What the job consists of:
– High school info all over Finland
– Social content production (blog, videos, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
– Trade fairs and further training days
– Other support work related to applicant marketing

You can come ask this year’s team members for more information on applying and working in the team on Wednesday, March 12th, 2020 from 12:00 to 2:00 pm at Street Cafe!

Please send your application to by 16.2.2020. The application must include: a job application, a CV and a 1 minute video on “Why apply to LUT?”

Those shortlisted for the post will be called for an interview that will be held during weeks 8 and 9 (February 17th-February 22th, 2020).

For more information and questions, please contact: Abu team team leader Taru Heinonen,

Free charging points at campus

Charging points can be found from LUT’s main lobby and in front of class 1368.

1. Choose a free charging locker and plug your phone in and close the locker door.
2. Show a contactless card to the card reader on the lock, you will hear a beep and see a
green light flash on the lock.
3. Turn the locking knob and you will hear a beep and green light will flash again. Make sure
locker is properly locked.
4. To open the lock, show the same contactless card to the reader you will hear a beep and
the lock will open automatically. Turn the locking know if the lock doesn’t open
If you have a problem, ask the LUT Info staff for

Period for applying as a tutor extended!

We are looking for tutors for foreign incoming exchange and degree students and Finnish degree students for academic year 2020-2021!
More information about applying at Uni.lut – peer tutoring.
Application form can be filled in here.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT: Katri Kankaanpää, Tanja Karppinen,

Other news

Nordjobb summer job possibilities for students

Are you 18-30 years old and interested in international experience? Via Nordjobb you can apply to seasonal jobs in Scandinavia. There are for example jobs in the care and health field in Sweden, jobs in logistics in Norway and customer service jobs in Denmark.  Nordjobb also helps applicants to find an apartment and organizes cultural and free-time programm. If you have average skills in Swedish, Norwegian or Danish, this might be an exquisite opportunity to experience a scandinavian summer.

Maybe this might also be an opportunity to complete a language course or even a practise? Thousands of young people are improving their skills as a nordjobbar. Be one of them!

More about the open positions and instructions for applying in (To apply you must have average skills in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. The website is also only available in these languages.)

Apply for Visma Solutions’ mentoring program!

Are you interested in management, business development, finance, marketing, programming, customer interface, or just need guidance and advice early on in your career?

Visma Fellowship is a mentoring program for college students and early-stage experts. The mentoring program will help you leverage the experience of Visma Solutions executives / experts for your future career. Based on your application, we are looking for your own mentor among our staff. The program lasts 10 months and is completely free.

Submit your application through the web form by February 16th, 2020 here.

Current information concerning the coronavirus

One case of Wuhan coronavirus has been observed in Finland on the 29th of January according to the Finnish institute for health and welfare.

Individual cases of the illness may be found in Finland as a result of tourism and other international travel. However, the risk of infection remains extremely low in Finland.

In case you have fallen ill, with a fever of more than 38 degrees and with symptoms such as a cough or dyspnea in your respiratory tracts, after visiting Wuhan, China or after having been in close contact with someone that has been infected with the coronavirus in a case that has also been verified with laboratory test results we urge you to:

  • stay home
  • contact your local health center or the on-call health center services by phone. Health care professionals there will further instruct you from there on how to get help

You can follow the current affairs from here.

Come to chat with other students

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students. In february all chats are in Finnish and the next one in English is May 7th considering Effects of racism on mental health.

You can find the chats from here.

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