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Apply for the board of LTKY for the year 2020

Getting involved in student union activities is a way of actually making a difference in matters that concern every student of Skinnarila. The student union runs at its best only with a capable and motivated board. That’s why we need you!

Deliver your board member or chairman application directly to the chair of the representative council and to the secretary general ( and The application should be a short, maximum one-page-long introduction of yourself and why you want to be part of the board. You can also express if you have a specific board task that you are interested in.

Applications will be received until 24st of November at 23:59. The applicants will be interviewed in an open panel discussion on November 25th.

Note that part of the board activities will be had only in Finnish. However, not knowing Finnish is not a barrier for applying and becoming a board member.

The council will choose a person to form the board and accept the new formation in its meeting on December 2th.

Any doubts? Questions? Come to the student union office for coffee and talk to our board members. You can also contact the current chair of the board Pia Etelävuori (, 044 293 8811), chair of the council Olli Kousa ( or any of the other current board members.

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