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New students: Temporary housing and apartment hunting website

Student union runs a website from which you can try to find apartment in Lappeenranta from private sector offerers. Unfortunately only part of the adds are in English however.

Student union in cooperation with LOAS  also organizes temporary housing for those students who are waiting apartment from LOAS but have not received an offer yet or whose lease agreement starts after studies begin.

Temporary housing is a modest lodging is LOAS common rooms. Student union will provide everyone with mattresses, but customer will have to provide all other sleeping wares. There is kitchen, showers and an opportunity to wash clothes at least once per week in every common room. In most rooms there won’t be individual lockable cabinets, but rooms themselves will be locked of course. There will be small rent to be paid for your stay.

Enrollment to temporary housing will open at early August and information about that will be available in these pages. For more information you may contact

Important! You will not be eligible for temporary housing unless you have enrolled for apartment waiting list from LOAS! Do it now at if you haven’t already.

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