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Edustajistovaalien 2017 vaaliluettelo ja ehdokkaaksi asettuminen


Electoral list- 20.9.2017

Electoral list of representative council election 2017  and standing for election

The Central Electoral Commission has accepted the electoral list for the 2017 representative council election. All members of LTKY who have paid the Student Union membership fee are entitled to stand for election. All member of LTKY are also entitled to vote in the elections.  Eligible members are listed in the electoral list above.

In the case of standing for election in the election 2017, a member must announce this to The Central Electoral Commission by using a form accepted by the Student Union board.  All election materials and forms can be found in the LTKY office.  Student Union board has accepted the election document on a board meeting on 19.9. Due to this, standing for election begins on 20.9. at 15:00.

More information about the election and standing for election:

Kimmo Penttinen
Chairman of The Central Electoral Commission
p. 0440 823297,

Antti Ilmavirta
Secretary general of LTKY
p. 044 2938 818,

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