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According to the Degree Regulations in LUT (37§):

“Teachers must release assessment results to students within 30 days of the completion and submission of the course’s final study study attainment. For Exam or Moodle examinations which are open for several days, the grades must be made known within 30 days of the closure of the examination. The final grades of courses must be entered into the student data file in writing within 30 days of the final study attainment of the course. For examinations or other study attainments arranged in June or July, teachers must release the grades to students within two months, but no later than by the end of August.”

However, part of the teaching staff violates this rule and may use disproportionately long time to grade exams and assignments. Report the delays using the forms below.

30 days = 30 days (except when the deadline is on statutory Finnish holiday which are legal day off’s, then the deadline is the next day).

Please check if the results have come to WebOodi/Moodle before sending the form to Black List. Please check also the dates and facts.

Course number and name*:

Work type*:
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Course Work name:

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Name of the lecturer*:

Please leave your contact information, if you want us to notify you about the feedback process.



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