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According to the guidelines of studying and teaching in LUT (70§):

“Teacher has to inform the student about the results of an exam or other kind of school assignment within a month. Results of examinations must be delivered at least two weeks before the following exam. If a course has two exams within four weeks the two exams may be graded at the same time. In this case the month grading time begins from the latter exam. The final grade of the course must be delivered to the study affairs office no later than one month after the latest assignment of the course. “

However, part of the teaching staff violates this rule and may use disproportionately long time to grade exams and assignments. Report the delays using the forms below.

Please check if the results have come to WebOodi/Moodle before sending the form to Black List

Course number and name*:

Work type*:
ExamCourse Work

Course Work name:

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Name of the lecturer*:

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