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vujutAnniversary ball, vuosijuhlat or vujut in Finnish, of a guild, association or student union is held once a year to celebrate the birthday of that organization. The ball follows certain etiquette and the structure of the celebration are usually very similar. The main activities on an anniversary ball are eating, drinking, singing and dancing.

The celebration day starts with a cocktail event or kokkarit in Finnish. Only guests who have received a formal invitation to the ball are welcome to the cocktail event to show their compliments and give some imaginative gift to the organizer of the party on behalf of their own organization. Cocktail food and drinks are usually served at the cocktail event.

The main event of the ball is up next. A three course dinner is served, familiar and not so familiar songs are sung and different acts are performed at the main event. Depending on the celebration, the program may include an oration, rewarding of distinguished students, a speech of the chairman of the organizing party, a speech to women or free program from choir shows to drag queen shows. The main event usually ends with ball room dancing accompanied by a band or an orchestra.

The celebration naturally continues with a proper after party. It is possible to get more food and drinks there and occasionally even a live band plays at the after party. The after party can have a specific end time or it might go on until the next event.

A day after the ball there is a brunch or sillis (silliaamiainen in English herring breakfast). The main difference between these two events is the dress-code; on brunch the dress code is hokinait and on sillis overalls with some theme. The main activities are usually eating, drinking, listening to music and enjoying the company of fellow students with hangover. The organizing party may have also came up with some program. There is usually a possibility continue the brunch or sillis to an after party where the anniversary ball officially end the latest.

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