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Student- and housing benefits are applied through KELA.

For students:

Regarding housing:

Aalef Ltd. is a service company owned by the student union. They have restaurants at the Student union house and IVH-campus, they also operate a kiosk in the university lobby.

LOAS rents apartments and recreational spaces for students and organizations.



SaLUT is a university sports service for LUT-University and Saimia students and staff.


LUT-University uses multiple platforms online for students.

LUT-intra (requires signing in):

UNI: Timetables, info, documents, etc.

WebOodi (course registration):

Moodle (course materials):

SkinnarilaInfo has weather, lunches and bus schedules. Unfortunately currently provided only in Finnish.

ezLukkari is an easy to use timetable tool made by a student at LUT.

This is not an official timetable tool, so use at your own risk!

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