Public transportation for student in Lappeenranta:

Travelling with train:

Travelling with bus:

Local public transport

In Lappeenranta you can travel in local public transports with one time ticket or you can use Waltti.

Waltti is a zone-based payment system which makes it easy to travel on buses. The payment system consists of single tickets; and either cash for pay-as-you-go fares or a 30-day travel pass loaded on your Waltti travel card.

You can top up your card with any amount of cash, and the travel pass entitles you to unlimited travel for 30 days. The pay-as-you-go system replaces the earlier 22 M and students’ 44 M multi-tickets for local traffic.

You can get a Waltti travel card and either load cash on it or buy a travel pass for it at, the City Hall’s Customer Service Centre Winkki or campus shop Aalef in Skinnarila. Students buy their cards at Aalef or Winkki, because they have to display a valid student card or certificate of enrolment.

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