According to university legislation all degree students have to be members of student union. Students will become members of student union automatically after they have paid the student union membership fee. Post-graduate students can also become members but they have different befits. There are approximately 4000 members in LTKY, both under-graduate and post-graduate students.

Symbol of LTKY is a red first letter of Hebrew alphabets, Aalef, circled by a black gearwheel. As a mathematics symbol Aalef stands for ‘one’ which can be seen as a symbol of unity in LTKY.

Members of LTKY elect the representative council by voting in council elections. Elections are held every other year in November and 27 representatives are elected. All under-graduate and post-graduate students can vote in the elections if they have paid the student union fee. Representative council is the highest organ in student union and they have meetings approximately once a month. Representative council elects the student union board, nominates student representatives, decides the amount of membership fee, and ratifies the budget.

Board uses the administrative and executive power given by the representative council. Board’s mission is to direct the daily activities in student union. A board includes a chairman and six board members with different duties. The board meets weekly but all board members are in a fulltime commitment to Student Union. Board selects the secretariat and can hire project secretaries if needed.

Viltsu_WEBChair of the Board
Ville-Matti Rissanen

Juho_WEBHigher Education Politics
Juho Kekäläinen

Daria_WEBInternational Affairs, Tutoring
Daria Minashkina
044 293 8816

Jerry_WEBCulture, Clubs,
Member Services and Guilds
Jeremias Mäkinen

Clarisse_WEBSocial Politics, Sports
Clarisse Jay

Hanna_WebVice Chairman, Academic Affairs
Hanna Tynys

JanCorporate Relations,
Work and Employment,
Finance and Communication
Jan Saariniemi

Task of the secretariat is to take care of different duties assigned to it by the Board. Head of secretariat is Secretary General who is responsible of stewardship, office functions and goverment of the secretariat.

Secretary General
Antti Ilmavirta
044 293 88 18

IMG_7136-9(1)Office secretary Virpi Partti
045 261 2670

IMG_7167-10Administrator Oskar Sonninen

Secretary Academic Affairs
Anni Myllärinen
044 293 8821

whiteboxSonja Huhtiranta
Housing Secretary
Temporary housing, housing servises
+358 442 938 820

Secretary of Marketing Lukas Kilpua, Teemu Sikanen

Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology
Laserkatu 10
53850 Lappeenranta

Business ID: 0225936-6
Bank: Nordea 109130-310351
IBAN: FI9410913000310351 SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH