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Grey List

LTKY wants to receive feedback and information about issues regarding studying and well-being. You can confidentially tell us if you face any problems. We will straighten up and take the feedback forward to the persons concerned. You can also tell if you face something especially good.

You can leave your feedback anonymously or leave your contact information. Your contact information helps us, if we need further information or if you want to improve your personal situation. We will always proceed with students’ terms, when solving the problem with a third party.

Please describe your problem with sufficient detail and clarity. It will help to solve your problem faster.

Grey list is mainly meant for straighten up serious problems of students. Course feedback should inform via course feedback survey or directly to guild’s educational representatives. Overdue exam and exercise reviews should be informed via Black list.

Examples of feedback

Useful feedback is sufficiently detailed and clear. Here is an example. “A lecturer from a course X has a good visitor lecturer. In addition, he collects the feedback after each lecture to improve the course.”

Useless feedback does not tell you anything specific. Such feedbacks we cannot pass on the university. Here is an example. “Course Y is a piece of crap”.




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