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Representative council meeting on December 7: A new board for LTKY and new chairs for the representative council

Among other decisions, a new chair, vice-chair of the representative council and a new chair and board for LTKY were chosen in the first representative council meeting of the term 2017.

Running for the chair of the representative council were the former chair, Lauri Kumpulainen, and Jeremias Mäkinen, the former culture correspondent of the board of LTKY.

“As the former chair of the representative council I have learned a lot about working as a chairman. Apparently the council has been content with my work. I would be a good choice in terms of continuity”, Kumpulainen stated.

“I still want to be involved in drawing the big picture for LTKY and to be able to work as a messenger between the board and the representative council. I also want to divide the work load and responsibility between more people”, Mäkinen told.

The majority voted Lauri Kumpulainen as the chair of representative council and Hilla Kinnunen and Jeremias Mäkinen as the vice-chairs.

The person running for the chair of the board of LTKY was the former communications correspondent, Jan Saariniemi, and he was directly chosen. Saariniemi suggested that Jeremias Skyttä, Olli Haakana, Jenni Kyheröinen, Henri Antikainen, Saara Laamanen and Teemu Hujanen form the board of 2017. The suggested board was accepted as was.

In addition, amongst other matters, Alec Salejärvi was named the student member of the university collegial body and the estimated budget for the term 2017 was accepted. The possible raise in the student union fee was yet left undecided.

In a session before the representative council meeting the council had a conversation with the CEO of Aalef oy. The quality, atmosphere and the feedback collection of the Aalef campus restaurants were discussed. The answers of the member service survey have been taken into consideration, and among others, the diversity of the food and the difficulties with the late afternoon service will be fixed. Also possibilities to improve the level of vegetarian food and special diets will be considered.  

More information is provided by

Lauri Kumpulainen, chair of representative council,

Jan Saariniemi, chair of the board of LTKY in 2017,

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